SkyHigh Ladders & Guardrails Inc.

Vancouver's solution for custom ladder & guardrail manufacturing and installation.

SkyHigh Ladders & Guardrails Inc. manufactures and installs customized ladders, stairs, and guardrails.  We are centrally located in New Westminster so our custom manufactured products allow for quick turnaround from order to install.

Services we offer include:

  • Manufacture of standard and custom designed products

    • Every location that a ladder or guardrail will be installed is unique. Your product will be built to your specific requirements to ensure a perfect fit. We can build from existing shop drawings.
  • Installation services

    • We offer installation services on every product we manufacture.  We provide an experienced installation crew to ensure all products are installed to current standards and regulations.
  • Site auditing

    • Working with the client, together we determine areas that need access for servicing machinery, cleaning drains, etc. and recommend access solutions by way of ladders or stairs to gain access, guardrails to prevent fall hazards, or smaller things such as grab bars to make access safer and bring buildings up to code.
    • We also identify areas in need of access prevention.  For instance, low roof levels that are easily accessible by a person climbing up the wall can be protected with Climb prevention rollers and ground level ladders can have security doors added to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Maintenance services

    • Maintenance from cleaning up rusty spots, replacing treads, refastening ladders, to straightening guardrails that were damaged by a truck.

SkyHigh Ladders & Guardrails Inc. provides safety, access, and protective products to Vancouver, the lower mainland, and throughout BC.