SkyHigh Ladders & Guardrails Inc.


Roof Guardrails

Safety guardrail systems are used at the perimeter edge of a roof to protect personnel working within a fall zone. Ideal for isolated locations of fall hazard such as a single mechanical unit at the edge of the building.

  • Standard guardrail height is 42"

WorkSafeBC prefers passive fall protection systems as no training is required and there is no additional equipment such as ropes & harnesses to get tangled in.

roof guardrail
roof railing

Ground Level Guardrails

When the general public will come in contact with the ground level guardrails we build them from round pipe as it is more comfortable on the hands and eliminates hard corners for safety.

Choose from 2 sizes of pipe, 1 1/4" , or 1 1/2" for heavier duty.

Standard round bar ground level guardrail

Modular Guardrails / Structural Fittings

Modular guardrails are a reusable guardrail system where complex configurations can be produced quickly & efficiently.

  • Safe for assembly on rooftops as there is no "hot work" being done like welding on site.

Guardrails are offered in 2 pipe sizes, 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" along with cast iron structural pipe fittings.

modular guardrail assembly
pipe size chart

Gate for Guardrail

Allows for safe entry to a rooftop from a boom lift, portable ladder, etc. One way gate provides fall protection when working in the area.

Gate for guardrail
Toe board for guardrail

Toeboard for Guardrail

A toeboard is required if the guardrail is installed on a floor opening, elevated walkway, or platform where there is a chance tools could fall over the edge onto workers below.

Guardrails Under Construction
roof guardrail at machinery




safety guardrail system around mechanical equipment




guardrail installed at roof hatch too close to roof edge




Guardrail with custom L bracket attachment.




custom platform and guardrail system to improve rooftop access




roof guardrail with grab bars




Guardrail along rooftop walkway.




ground level guardrail with custom gate